Our Clients

Our Partners

McMasterTek is partnered with several companies to offer their employees and customers technical support and services.

Executive Suites by Roseman


Providing premier furnished executive suites to Calgary and Winnipeg.

McMasterTek is proud to support Executive Suites by Roseman by supporting their in-suite wireless internet, as well as full technical support for employees and projects.

"Very Satisfied Customer of McMaster Technical Services "

- Management, Executive Suites by Roseman

Independent Living Resource Centre Calgary


The ILRCC is a consumer controlled, cross disability, community-based, non-profit organization that is committed to promoting and enabling all persons with disabilities to make informed choices about their lives and to achieve their own level of independence.

McMasterTek is proud to support the ILRCC through technical support and internet based resources.

Kawa Espresso Bar


Gourmet coffee and late art, in the heart of Calgary.

McMasterTek is proud to support the wireless hot-spot, internet presence, and technical support needs for Kawa Espresso Bar.

Newcombe Law Office


Sound legal advice and experienced, practical representation.

McMasterTek is proud to support Newcombe Law through technical support and related support services.

Insite Solutions, Telecommunications


Insite offers our clients a one stop shop for all of their requirements. Starting with land acquisition, project execution and everything in between, we are dedicated to providing real estate solutions that meet the needs, budget and time lines of our clients.

McMasterTek is proud to support Insite Solutions through internet presence and technical support for all of its employees and projects.